The foundation of our work is based on conducting serious, reliable and quality surveys for we constantly invest in our physical and personnel structures. Furthermore, we have a modern CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing) platform, which enables telephone surveys with 50 network-connected positions, alongside of the advantageous NIPO software of CATI researches.
We can highlight the following advantages of using this system:

-Constant audio and video monitoring by supervisors;
-Ability to restart interrupted interviews from the exact point where they were cut;
-Essential interaction between interviewers and their supervisors without the knowledge of the interviewed;
- Follow-up by client;
-Coding of the answers to open questions.

Our structure also enables us to carry out CAPI personal interviews (with laptops), so that we can conduct the interviews from anywhere while maintaining the same interest level from the interviewees until the end of the survey.

We have our own room for group discussions (Focus Group) which is equipped with a two-way mirror and air-conditioning, and it can accommodate up to 10 observers (customers). It has equipment for audio and video recording in Portuguese. In addition, it has equipment to separately record a simultaneous translation in both English and Spanish.