"Consumer For Ever" System
This is a standardized and systematic system of the consumers' level of satisfaction/brand loyalty.

Monthly waves are used. Each month, the client offers a list of those consumers who should be contacted during the wave. The components of the degree of satisfaction are evaluated in terms of the client's degree of importance

The main advantage of this system is:

- It offers a series of market indicators of the consumer's level of satisfaction and can be used annually or in a continuous way.

Gercomp develops this kind of survey with the following sector:

Surveyed Universe
Car post-purchase
Owners of the "X" make of car who went to the appropriate dealers hip to have the car service
Consumer relations Consumers who contacted the Custumer Service Departament of the "X" company last mouth
Car advertising Car owners who intend to by another car within the next 12 months
Business air travel Consumers who took a flight abroad on business last month
Supermarkets Consumers who bought at supermarkets of the" X" chain last mouth
Among these surveyed sectors and universes, the client defines which information is to be collected from his customers or even from his competitors' customers.